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The Board of Directors has authorized the construction of this Website by EPI in order to provide easy access to copies of the Association's documents, such as Newsletters, Rules & Regulations, Declaration & By-Laws, Association Minutes, and the Monthly Board of Directors meeting dates.

At the top of this Home Page you will see "Tabs" that will help you navigate to 1) an Events Page - (Board Meeting Dates, Committee Meeting Dates, etc.), 2) a "Contact Us" page if you wish to email a communication to the Board of Directors, 3) a "Board Members" page which lists the current Association Board Members, 4) a "Minutes" page which lists the Association's approved minutes, 5) a "Covenants/Rules" page which includes a copy of the Association's Declaration/By-Laws and the Rules and Regulations, 6) a "Forms" page which includes all of the forms currently being used by the Association (Modification Forms, Sales Package, etc.), 7) a "Financials" page which includes a copy of the Association's current Financial Statements, 8) a "Notices" page which includes any projects/current events notices and 9) a "Resident Portal" page which will allow you to see your assessment account and any pending work orders, etc.

We hope this website will assist you in keeping current with the functions of your Association.

Board of Directors
Four Lakes Village Condominium Association D
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